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18 July 2011

Mink Stole

Hundreds, including myself donated to help bring the Mink Stole first CD to light.

Mink Stole and Me
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We all know what Facebook is like and because of some of the people I have convinced to add me to their 'Friends' list it suggested I might know Mink Stole. Of course I don't, but I do now have 20 of her DVD's and she has been a legend to me since the early 70's. I resisted the desire to ask her to be a 'Friend' as I am not sure she needs yet another hanger on and I am thousands of miles away. Well that is now in the past and we are friends on Facebook. Last year I saw John Waters here in Brisbane and as you all know she has worked with him so much. In fact she is recorded as appearing in every film he has made. I did get carried away and had to send a message to thank her for all the entertainment over the years. Graciously on her part and a huge thrill for me was receiving a reply or two.
Mink sent you a message.
Mink StoleFebruary 11, 2011 at 5:48am
Re: Admiration.
"That's so cool, Barry. Thank you so much for telling me. Made my day, mate!"
It's because of you and my other backers who have helped so much in getting the word out that we're going to make it! Thank you so much."

Just another example of me being a groupie I guess.
My DVDs with Mink Stole.
Anarchy TV, But I'm a Cheerleader, Cecil B. DeMented, Cry-Baby, Desperate Living, A Dirty Shame, Divine Trash, Eating Out:Sloppy Seconds, Eating Out:All You Can Eat, Eating Out: Drama Camp, Female Trouble, Flirting With Anthony, Hairspray (1988 of course), Leather Jacket Love Story, Multiple Maniacs, Pecker, Pink Flamingos, Polyester, Stuck, Wamego: Ultimatum.

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