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19 May 2011

Inspirations for Filming

These are images of just some of the work by directors who have inspired me to want to make movies. Sensual, stunning, evocative, indulgent and thought provoking.
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Caravaggio (1986)
 as has been said is probably the closest Derek Jarman came to a mainstream film. And yet the film is a stunning, complex and truthful exposition of Jarman's major concerns of violence, history, homosexuality, and the relation between film and painting. However, according to Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit, Caravaggio is unlike Jarman's other work in avoiding a lover-boy sentimentalising of gay relationships and in making no neat distinction between the exercise and the suffering of violence.
This is what to aim at.
Jack Birkitt who plays the Pope in this film (not in this clip) came to my home for a party many years back when he was touring here with 
The Lindsay Kemp Company. I got to know him and the company quite well.
 Pink Narcissus

A beautifully imagined gay erotic film from the psychedelic era Although release date is given as 1971...Images & photo sets appeared on the market& gay interest magazines as far back as 1964...Film involves a young beautiful gay mans fantasies...involving moslty himself with mirror images of nude & semi nude model,Bobby Kendall. The young man invisions himself in many erotic beautifully photographed sequences.. many with the psychedelic colors etc of the 1960s.. Young man envisions himself in as a matador, as a roman slave, in an middle east sultans tent.. etc.. all scenes involving simulated sex and masturbation are beautifully & tastefully photographed... Recommended highly for mature audiences who have an interest in psychedelia, & early gay films!
In true underground style this movie was entirely filmed in the director's tiny apartment, in Manhattan, New York City, using window dressing and costume designer props. Only three scenes were filmed later in a rented loft - the men's room, the Times Square, and the rainstorm scenes.
The beautiful poetic masterpiece which I first saw when it was flown in rushed to a theatre full of waiting patrons and then immediately flown out after the showing. Later the bans were lifted but it has always been an inspiration as to what I would like to film. As I have name dropped in other places Lindsay Kemp provided the opening sequence with an erotic dance at the court of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Lindsay I knew from his visit to Brisbane when I entertained he and his whole theatre troupe at a party at home. This film also emerged a short while after we had a similar but amateur project as mentioned on the page about my film background..
Joe Dallesandro 

Joe Dallesandro in the films of Andy Warhol made by Paul Morrissey were an inspiration to any young mind way back then. The most beautiful Joe permanently changed male sexuality and Warhol promised us all our 15 minutes of fame. I received a book a while back in which Joe had inscribed a greeting to me "Who has always loved beauty. Joe Dallesandro" This I might say is perhaps one of the most precious things I have ever received. It is right up there with A Beatles Autograph I once had sent to me from London. but after several decades someone stole it from my wall.
Death in Venice
The greatest film of all time in my estimation. For four decades I have watched this film and on each occasion I am not only overwhelmed by the beauty of this film but I unearth new meanings. Not a word nor an image is out of place and each is layered in mythology, philosophy and the appreciation of creativity and the human spirit. As they say it is a Masterpiece of Art.
Otto or Up With Dead People
This and all of the films of Bruce LaBruce have reminded me of what it was like to discover the films of Andy Wahole in the 60's and 70's. They have inspired me to have faith in artists again and also encourage me to go forth and film. I had some email responses from Bruce LaBruce a while back and I have also exchanged a few emails with Gio Black Peter who appears in this film. Giovani is listed elsewhere as one of my favourite people. I have a fabulous autographed book sent by Bruce and also a great signed drawing sent by Giovani amongst my treasures.
Fellini Satyricon

The Masterpiece of Frederico Fellini on the Satyricon written for the amusement of Emperor Nero by Petronius. This film is a sumptuous collection of erotic tales and imagery never bettered. The surviving text tells of the misadventures of Encolpius, and his lover, a handsome sixteen-year-old boy named Giton. Encolpius has a hard time keeping his lover faithful to him as he is constantly being enticed away by others including his friend Ascyltus who is an ex lover himself. This is not an English clip but it does not matter as it is the imagery that matters here.
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