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25 April 2011

Her Majesty The Queen

I just felt like recording that I am and have always been a monarchist. 
This beautiful portrait has hung on my wall for decades.
I bought a print at The National Portrait Gallery in London in the 70's.
Some Royal Sightings
HM Queen Elizabeth: From the first visit in 1954 when I was 5 and when I saw her in Toowoomba I then recall standing in the sun as thousands of school kids were assembled in the Show Grounds in the 60's a great midnight in the late 70's when all dressed up (in ballet tights etc.) and rather drunk, I and a group of friends went out into the dark and the rain to watch her drive past. She looked asleep in the back of the slowed car until Prince Philip nudged her in the ribs so she could acknowledge a lone bunch of dedicated fans with their noses pressed against the window. She sat up and gave us a wave. That was the closest encounter. It is a wonder we weren't tackled by the escort police. That flat I lived in for several years was a great place to receive accidental Royal waves. Princess Alexandra once waved as I sat in the window of my flat and Prince Charles stuck his head out the window and waved up at me while I was watering plants in my front sun room on the second floor. Walking through London one day I saw her Majesty drive past. No one else noticed so I waved of course. A lovely day on a boat on the river with lots of Champagne in the early 80's as the Royal Yacht Britannica sailed in to Brisbane and the Queen stood on the deck watching us and the hundreds of other parties on the river. We made a photo in the social pages with champagne glasses held high for that one
The spectacular arrangement of 'God Save The Queen' by Benjamin Britten. My absolute favourite version. Performed at the 2010 'Last night of the Proms' at the Royal Albert Hall, London.
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