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21 February 2011

Gilbert & George

Their Life is Art.

George Passmore was born in the United Kingdom in 1942 and Gilbert Proesch was born in Italy in 1943. They first met at St Martins School of Art in London in 1967.  "it was love at first sight" and the two married in 2008. They moved into a rough area of Spitalfields in East London and remained there. Most of their work centres on the life, people and surroundings there. Renowned for their conservative image and their bold, bright and confronting photo based paintings (including digital) they have been awarded with several honorary degrees a huge international retrospective and a great DVD ' With Gilbert + George' filmed over two decades and which I have of course.
Right click DVD image and open in new window or tab for Amazon UK Link.

The art.
From the outstanding visit and exhibition in China 1993
The Singing Sculptures in the 1960's
With two New York artists I follow on Facebook Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny who are also friends of friends.
Some awards and honours listed on Wikipedia
1981 Regione Lazio Award (Torino),
1986 Turner Prize
1989 Special International Award (Los Angeles)
2005 Represented the UK at the Venice Biennale.
2007 South Bank Award 
2007 Lorenzo il Magnifico Award (Florence).
2007 Retrospective at Tate Modern was the largest of any artists ever held there.
2008 Awarded Honorary Doctorates by London Metropolitan University.
2010 Awarded the honorary title "Magister Artium Gandensis" by University College Ghent
2010 Conferred with Honorary Doctorates by the University of East London.

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