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01 October 2010

Confused and Upset?

" You are not paranoid. The bastards really are out to get you." There is only so much criticism one can take upon oneself before reacting. Is it me or them? Can the whole world be wrong? Or as a friend once said "I feel like a little green man from Mars."

How often have we felt alienated like this and how do we react? I have certainly felt it before, and many feel it now. It is, and probably will always, on occasions, be a valid statement of how desolate life can be. Life often appears so full of potential, but unfulfilled potential is nothing but stress. Do not be scared to go for it. The great problem is, one individual gets the courage to go for it and another caves in to fear. If we dropped the shit and coordinated our efforts, the problem would not exist. It is all a matter of pathetically bad timing that we end up at cross purposes. We may miss the bus by a matter of seconds, but we have still missed the bus. We have not linked up with each other and we end up on different paths.

Sometimes one also needs to face the attacks and criticism and be a minority of one. A lone voice can still be the correct voice. Goodness or truth should not be subject to democracy or in other words the majority is not necessarily correct. What is right comes from informed thought, painful logic and the consideration of the good of the many, not the decision of the many.

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